How can I submit stone for testing?

To submit the stone, depositor has to visit lab with ID details (PAN card, Driving License, Adhaar card, Election Card, etc). Personnel sitting at the reception will assist in the stone submission procedure.

Facility of submission of stone through courier is not presently available.

How can I collect my stone after testing from lab?

Same person, who has deposited the stone, must visit the lab to collect the stone and its report. At the time of collection, customer has to show his ID which was noted on the agreement at the time of submission of stone. Stone and report are returned to the same person who has deposited the stone with lab.

Can I send someone else, on my behalf, to collect my stone from the lab?

In case depositor could not come for collecting the stone submitted by him, an authorization letter duly signed and attested by depositor in the name of person who will be collecting the stones and reports must be submitted along with the copy of ID of depositor, collector and original agreement slip. Authority form can be collected from the reception or can be downloaded from lab’s website.

How can I collect my stone and report from lab in case I have lost my agreement slip?

In case depositor misplaces the agreement slip, copy of his identity proof is taken which was recorded at the time of stone submission and signature of the depositor is matched with lab’s record. Also, the depositor must submit a request letter/declaration stating to deliver him the goods & reports and no further claim is due. Declaration form can be collected from the reception or can be downloaded from lab’s website. 

Can I get my or my company’s name printed on the report?


What are the modes of payment for testing fee?

Payment for testing can be done in cash, via credit card / debit card etc., cheque and NEFT. In case payment was made through cheque or NEFT, stones are delivered after the confirmation of payment from Bank.

Can I get my stone tested in my presence?


Can I get the booking done on the phone for stone testing?

No booking is accepted/taken on phone, delivery time is given at the time of submission of stone.

Can I get stone evaluated / appraised from IGI-GTL, Delhi?


How can I get duplicate copy of my old gem identification report?

The charges for issuing of duplicate report is Rs. 250 (Including GST). Duplicate report is issued to the same person who has got original report issued on his name. In this case, stone is not required to be submitted again in lab for duplicate report. But in case, if duplicate report is desired by some other person, stone must be submitted in lab again for the issuance of duplicate report.

Can I get stone, mounted in jewellery, tested?

Mostly mounted stone gets tested, in case it is not possible due to some reason, customer has to resubmit the stone after removing the stone from the jewellery.

I am the member of GJEPC, can I get some discount in testing fee?

Pan India members of GJEPC can avail 10% discount in all category testing fee by furnishing copy of their current membership certificate.

If I submit large number of stones for testing, can I get discount?

Customer must enter MOU with the lab to avail bulk discounts.

Can I get my stones and jewellery tested in my showroom?

No, IGI-GTL, does not offer mobile lab facilities. Stones and jewellery are to be submitted in lab for testing.

Do I require to pay testing fee at the time of submission of stones or can I pay the testing fee at the time of collection of my stones and report?

No, submission of stones and jewellery for testing is mandatorily against advance payment. Only MOU customers are given credit of Rs. 40,000.

Can I cancel the testing even after paying the fee and submitting the stone for testing?

Cancellation from customer's end is only allowed, if customer intimates in lab within 2 hours from the time of submission of the stone for testing, in written or in person. In case cancellation is permitted, 100% testing charges deposited by the customer is refunded back. After 2 hours cancellation is not allowed. Cancellation from customer's end is not permitted for urgent category.

Can I ask the result of my stone’s testing on telephone?

No, customer can verify the authenticity of the tested report on telephone, but result is not informed on the telephone.