Trigons (Growth marking) left unpolished on pavilion facets of Natural Diamond of Princess Cut.

Metallic inclusion in HPHT synthetic diamond.

Metallic inclusion in HPHT synthetic diamond.

Gas bubbles, curved growth striae and some unknown filler in crack showing dendritic pattern in Synthetic Ruby synthesized by Flame fusion process.

Glass filled ruby, with significant amount of lead glass filled in fissures. A fissure left unfilled or probably its filler has washed off due to some unknown reason. Notice fissure filled with glass showing difference in luster comparing the luster of ru

Glass Filled Trapiche Ruby. Glass residue apparent on the surface, which has not been cleaned/polished off.

Fluorescence following the curved growth structure of Synthetic Sapphire, synthesized by Flame Fusion Process, evident under short wave UV rays with unaided eyes. Notice three Natural Yellow Sapphires in back row, showing weak fluorescence under SWUV comp

Rutile needles in Natural blue sapphire, appearing golden due to reflection of yellow fiber optic illumination.

Growth Tubes