Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

IGI-GTL, Delhi issues the testing reports to the client on his/her acceptance of the below mentioned terms and conditions pertaining to the testing services rendered by IGI-GTL, Delhi. IGI-GTL, Delhi and customers are abide by these terms and conditions.

Testing reports are issued upon the request of the client, by the issuance of report IGI-GTL, Delhi don’t agree to purchase and / or replace the Gem or Jewellery.

1.. Testing reports issued by IGI-GTL, Delhi are not certificate for valuation, guarantee, appraisal or legal document, neither the client or any purchaser shall regard the report as the same.

2.. The goods are deposited and accepted by the laboratory provided that either they are adequately insured by the depositor or the depositor assumes entire responsibility for loss or damage, partly or wholly, through theft, burglary or by any other way whatsoever, without resource to the laboratory inchargeor any other personattached to the laboratory.

3.. No responsibility of any sort shall attach to the laboratory incharge or any other person attached to the laboratory for loss or damage to the goods at whatever time occurring, even when occasioned by negligence, default, error of judgement of willful or fraudulent act of any member or employee of the laboratory.

4.. No responsibility of any sort shall attach to the laboratory-in-charge or any other person attached to the laboratory for damage which may arise directly or indirectly from any mistake or inaccuracy in any report issued by the laboratory whether occasioned by the negligence or otherwise howsoever.

5..The depositor hereby agrees to indemnify the laboratory incharge and all the person attached to the laboratory against the damage, costs, charges and expenses actually paid (whether or not in pursuance of any legal obligation) by the laboratory either on its own behalf or on behalf of the laboratory incharge or any person attached to the laboratory and arising out of or in relation to the testing and reporting on the goods.

6.. The goods deposited and test reports, can be collected only by the person who has signed the agreement form, however, in unavoidable circumstances an authorization letter dully signed and attested by the depositor in the name of the person who will be collecting the goods deposited and test reports must be submitted.

7.. The goods deposited for testing are strictly against advance payment, the formal cash receipt would be given on the time of delivery of goods and report. In case customer is allowed for post payment, under the order of lab incharge or GJEPC official, IGI-GTL, Delhi reserves right to withhold the stone or jewellery and deny delivery of the same unless and until due payment is received. In case payment is done through cheque or NEFT, stone and report will be delivered only after the confirmation of payment from bank.

8.. In the event of any claim by the client or any other person for damage to the jewellery, or damages resulting directly or indirectly, from this report, liability of IGI-GTL shall be limited to the amount it received as a fee in connection with report.

9.. Acceptance of stones for testing will be on the discretion of IGI-GTL, Delhi, conditioned by the instrument availability and their limitations.

10.. Delivery time is scheduled on the basis of ‘first come first serve basis’, which is subject to the pending work and technical limitation.

11.. Cancellation from customer's end is only allowed, if customer intimates in lab within 2 hours from the time of submission of the stone for testing, in written or in person. In case cancellation is permitted, 100% testing charges deposited by the customer is refunded back. After 2 hours cancellation is not allowed. Cancellation from customer's end is not permitted for urgent category

12.. IGI-GTL, Delhi does not give any opinion of any type about quality, value and origin of the tested stone.

13.. Testing report does not indicate whether the stone is natural or synthetic or has been treated or not by any process whatsoever, unless otherwise specified on the report.

14..IGI-GTL does not undertake the analysis of the kind of metal or the quality of the metal used in the jewellery. The weight of the metal, its karatage, weight of the mounted stones and number of stones in jewellery (if provided), indicated in report, are as given by the client. IGI-GTL, Delhi only certifies the gem material mounted in the submitted jewellery for testing.

15.. The clarity, color grading and testing of mounted diamonds has been done by IGI-GTL with the help of instruments and comparison stones subject to the limitations of the mounting/setting of the diamonds.

16..This report is made by IGI-GTL to the best of its knowledge and professional standards, based on the state of the Gem and jewellery given to the laboratory. Any subsequent enhancement of color or clarity or change/replacement of the stone is not within the purview of report generated by IGI-GTL, Delhi.

17..A gemstone/diamond can be treated/modified and re-cut, to enhance its color and clarity at any time. Therefore the conclusions of report reflect the findings at the time it is issued.

18.. IGI-GTL is on no account responsible for possible dissimilarities and/or differences that could appear as to the characteristics covered in the report from repeated examinations or as a result of other methods applied or the possible inaccuracy due to technical/mechanical defects/errors of the instruments/equipment used. Therefore, neither IGI-GTL, Delhi nor any other lab’s employee shall, at any time, be held responsible for any discrepancy which may result from the application of other testing methods.

19. Gemmologist’s assessment may vary reasonably, from other laboratories depending on the tests performed. Hence, IGI-GTL or any of its member cannot be held responsible for the same.

20.. Testing report issued by IGI-GTL, Delhi are concluded on the basis of thorough analysis of stone/jewellery submitted for testing by the gemmologist, as per the scientific tests performed with Gemmological equipment. Tests which are not applicable / useful in the identification are not performed.

21.. IGI-GTL, Delhi reserves its right on the pictures and data collected of the stone during the testing and same shall be deemed as IGI-GTL, Delhi’s property. Hence, IGI-GTL, Delhi is free to use the collected data for educational or research purpose. IGI-GTL, Delhi is not bound to take any permission or give acknowledgement to the customer for the publication of data collected from the routinely received stones for testing.

22.. IGI-GTL, Delhi is not liable to or responsible for any monetary loss or damage to the business of customer or any other party incurred due to the testing report generated by IGI-GTL, Delhi.

23..Photograph printed on the report is mere an approximate image of the stone, which may vary in colour or size of the original stone, such variations are result of paper size used for report, camera and printer limitations.

24.. Identification and treatment disclosers are done on the basis of present expertise and knowledge of the gemmologist at the time of analysis. Result given for the same stone may vary later depending on the experience transformation.

25..Testing report shall contain the stone’s characteristics and parameters which are gemmologicallyidentifiable and which are within the periphery of IGI-GTL’S terminology and decided disclosers by IGI-GTL.

26..Customer can collect the report and stone within 3 months from the date of testing reports. After 3 months its IGI-GTL’S discretion to forfeit the stone and cash, or return the same to the customer.

27.. Testing report is transferable, but IGI-GTL, Delhi is only answerable to customer who has got stone tested from the lab, as per laboratory’s record, otherwise its IGI-GTL, Delhi’s discretion to disclose the information to the third party or not.

28.. IGI-GTL, Delhi reserves its right to declare any earlier issued report as void depending on the circumstances and under the order of laboratory incharge.

29.. Any dispute arising out of any testing report issued by IGI-GTL, Delhi falls within the jurisdiction of the law courts of Delhi only.




IGI-GTL, Delhi is permitted to revise or amend mentioned Terms and conditions at any time as it sees fit without any notification, and hence customer are expected to review these Terms and conditions on a regular basis.

Customer hereby indemnify to the fullest extent IGI-GTL, Delhi from and against any and/or all liabilities, costs, demands, causes of action, damages and expenses arising in any way related to customer’s breach of any of the provisions of these Terms and conditions.