Testing Charges

  Particulars Charges inclusive GST (in Rs.)
Sr. No. Category Details Non-Member Member
1 Stone Normal 900 Per Stone 810 Per Stone
Urgent 1400 Per Stone 1260 Per Stone
2* Packet Lot (Stones) Minimum 5 stones (No re-verification) 600 Per Stone 540 Per Stone
3 Bead Strings (Except Corundum & Emerald) Minimum 10 cm (No re-verification) 650 Per 2.50 cm 585 Per 2.50 cm
4** Diamond Jewellery Grading Diamond size upto 0.35 ct. 500 Per Carat 450 Per Carat
Diamond size above 0.35 ct. 600 Per Carat 540 Per Carat
5*** Verbal Opinion (For loose Diamond only) Minimum 10 pcs. (No re-verification) 300 Per Stone 270 Per Stone
6 Diamond Screening Charges for single lot & single jewellery Colourless to near - colourless Analysis precisely by the instrument 'Synthdect' & 'Qcheck' only Rs, 250 (First Carat) + Rs. 50 (each additional carats, in the the multiple of 1Carat) minimum charge per screening report generated : Rs. 250/- Rs, 225 (First Carat) + Rs. 45 (each additional carats, in the the multiple of 1Carat) minimum charge per screening report generated : Rs. 250/-


Note :

  1. Above charges are inclusive of GST.
  2. Full Payment to be made in advance only.
  3. Payment once made is non-refundable.
  4. Above prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  5. * For Category 2 : Report issued in A4 size only.
  6. ** For Category 4 : Minimum charge of a single jewellerycertificate is Rs. 250/-.     
  7. ** For Category 4 : Extra Rs 100 charged for A4 size report.
  8. *** For Category 5 : No report will be issued in this category.
  9. For all categories: Duplicate report charges Rs. 250/

Discounts to GJEPC Members

Flat 10% discount is given to the GJEPC members in all the testing categories. To avail the discount customer has to submit copy of current GJEPC membership certificate at the time of submission of stone for testing

Discounts to MOU customers (corporate membership)
Sr. No. Category Details Charges (inclusive Tax) Discounted Rates in Rs. (inclusive Tax)
GJEPC Members Non-Members
1. Stones PVC card  or A4 size 900 Per Stone 540 per stone 630 per stone
2. Packet Lot (Stones) A4 size minimum 5 stones no re-verification 650 Per Stone 360 per stone 420 per stone
3. Diamond Jewellery Grading

Diamond size up to 0.35 ct

: PVC Card or A4 size

500 Per Carat 350 per carat 400 per carat

Diamond size up to 0.35 ct

: PVC Card or A4 size

600 Per Carat 420 per carat 480 per carat

To avail discount under this category customer has to enter into MOU agreement with GJEPC/ IGI-GTL, Delhi, abiding to its terms & conditions, subject to its approval from GJEPC/IGI-GTL, Delhi. Copy of MOU agreement can be collected from IGI-GTL, Delhi office.

MOU customers are not eligible to get discount under urgent category, to get the stone tested as per urgent testing schedule normal testing rates are to be paid. MOU customers who are GJEPC members are eligible to get 10% discount on urgent testing charges.

Minimum charge of the single jewellery certificate will be Rs. 200/- (For GJEPC Members and Non-Members)


Cancellation policy

Cancellation from customer's end is only allowed, if customer intimates in lab within 2 hours from the time of submission of the stone for testing, in written or in person. In case cancellation is permitted, 100% testing charges deposited by the customer is refunded back. After 2 hours cancellation is not allowed.

Cancellation from customer's end is not permitted for urgent category.

In case diamond jewellery submitted for grading is not found to fall in the category of Diamond jewellery grading while testing, due to any technical limitation or condition, testing of that particular jewellery under the jewellery grading category will be cancelled. In case diamond jewellery can be tested within any other category, testing of the said diamond jewellery under the possible testing category will be conducted mandatorily, initially deposited testing charge will be adjusted (short/excess) in fresh testing charges as per the testing category suggested.